• We photograph one or more pose per dancer depending on the quality of movement we capture.  Some dancers need more tries than others.
• Pick one full length and/or one headshot per outfit depending on what you ordered.
• ADDITIONAL IMAGES are $15 each- Just let us know which ones and we’ll send you an invoice to pay online.
• These are for proofing only as they are unedited and not released.
• The images will be cropped and/or the background will be extended to make the background complete as well as our signature editing touch, so not to worry.
• Please decide within THREE DAYS and email to info@purplemossteams.com, so that we can finish your order and get them to you quickly.
If for some reason you’re not able to respond, we will make one more attempt to obtain your decision and then choose for you.  Once this has been done, you can purchase anything you want to switch out.  
• They are in the order that we shot the dancers so please look through all to find them.
Thank you!
PMP_3297 PMP_3297-Edit
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