Have you been searching for dance pictures that really showcase your team’s unique talents and personalities? You have come to the right place! We want to walk you through the Purple Moss Teams process and what makes us so different from other sports photographers you may have worked with in the past.

Dance Pictures by a Dancer & Coach

One of the reason’s Purple Moss Teams’ dance pictures stand out above the rest is that they are taken by someone who actually dances. Carrie has over 10 years training as a dancer and gymnast, as well as an extensive coaching background. She knows which poses photograph well and works to each dancer’s strengths to give them the best possible experience. Carrie works with the philosophy that every athlete is amazing and should feel how incredible they are each time they see their dance pictures.

Dance pictures by Carrie, who has dancing, gymnastics, and coaching experience

Parents constantly give us feedback on how amazing it is to have someone posing their dancers correctly, fixing their technique, and paying attention to all the little details that really showcase their children’s talents and strengths.

Editing Style

Another thing that makes our dance pictures different from other studios is our editing style and philosophy. We firmly believe that every dancer is already beautiful, so when Carrie edits, she works to only enhance and highlight the natural beauty of each athlete. She takes her time with each portrait, carefully editing skin to remove blemishes but remain natural-looking, subtly making those gorgeous eyes pop just a little more. The end result is a natural, polished portrait that each dancer will cherish as a true depiction of the best version of themselves.

Cheer photography before and after editing by Purple Moss Teams

Team Posters

Perhaps one of our most talked-about benefit are our team posters. Instead of taking shot after shot, trying to get each person in a team picture to be in exactly the right pose with a great facial expression, Carrie creates what is called a composite team picture.

She starts with the whole group, designing the shot and envisioning what the end product will look like. Then, she shoots each little part of the photo individually or in groups of 2-3, focusing on each individual dancer’s pose and expression with the end result in mind.

Because we know it’s hard to imagine, we wanted to give you a little peek into what we are talking about.

Dance Pictures by Purple Moss Teams include composites to showcase each dancer's talents.

As you can see, individual dancer’s pictures were taken, then seamlessly edited into this fun team poster. The result is something that cannot be achieved when photographing everyone all in one shot and allows for each dancer’s strengths to be showcased as part of the whole group!

We hope we have given you a little peek into what makes Purple Moss Teams stand out above the rest, and why our dance pictures feel like they have just a little something extra. We like to think it’s a little extra bit of love and attention we give to each and every dancer we work with.

We would love to work with your dance studio or athletic team and show you personally the difference Purple Moss Teams makes! Contact us and let’s chat!