It’s Extravadance time! I’m so excited to share the photos from this awesome shoot we did with Extravadance Studio. As a Utah dance photographer, I feel a responsibility to really show off each and every athletes talents, and I take this responsibility seriously!

The first thing I ask each dancer when it’s their turn is, “Do you have a pose?” A lot of the time, these dancers already know their strengths, and they know what they want to show off. That’s great! But when they don’t, that’s where my extensive dance training and coaching experience comes in. I work with each individual dancer to figure out where their talents shine the brightest. I then take the time to perfect the pose and make sure the dancer feels (and looks) comfortable doing it. If the technique is off, we try again.

I am never good with just getting an “acceptable” pose. If the dancer has trouble hitting the pose with proper technique AND maintaining a pleasant facial expression, we move on and try a different pose. As a dance photographer, my job is more than just snapping the photo and doing some Photoshop work. My job is to make sure the photograph is the absolute BEST example of that dancer’s skills and talents so they feel confidence and self-love every time they look at it! If that means they don’t get to do their “favorite” pose (and sometimes it does), I let them do a few shots with that pose then I can suggest something different to try.

Sometimes, I will even show them the back of my camera so they can see how amazing they look doing the pose we have chosen! A little sneak peek can go a long way to ease a dancer who is having a hard time loosening up and hitting their poses during a dance photography session.

Extravadance | Utah Dance Photographer

I loved the versatility of our backdrops during my dance photography shoot with Extravadance. The bright white background really works well for showcasing the athlete, as your eye goes straight to them! I also loved our dark and moody shots…and that’s when the fun (and mess) really began. I was so excited when Extravadance agreed to play with flour with me…and you can see the end result was 100% worth it!