You know that here at Purple Moss Teams we are ALL about kids participating in youth sports programs. But why? When it comes to youth sports teams, being a part of one has a number of amazing benefits. These range from building self-confidence to giving kids more social skills. Participating on a youth sports team also teaches kids how to win or lose with grace.

Let’s look at some other great benefits with the help of some awesome young gymnasts I got to work with this year from Arete!

Amazing Benefits of Being on a Youth Sports Team

Problem Solving Skills

Arete youth sports gymnastics team in Utah

Participating on a team teaches kids two different types of problem solving skills, which are planning ways to defeat the opponent and resolving clashes between teammates. Your child will learn strategies like working with his or her team to develop plays designed to counter the rival’s defense. He or she may also figure out player substitutions that will be more effective against the other team.

Arete youth sports gymnastics team in Utah

Successful problem solvers find ways to compromise when there are disagreements between teammates. They also learn how to communicate with kids who come from different backgrounds as well as those who have different personalities. For instance, they will learn how to draw out kids who are shy and handle those who may be more aggressive.

Not only will children learn how to strategize and compromise, but they will also learn how to do so quickly. This is one of those skills that can help your kids throughout their lives.

Learning to be Patient

Arete youth sports gymnastics team in Utah

When your child is on a team, he or she will probably wind up waiting to participate at some point. For instance, on a baseball team, players must wait their turn to bat while someone who is on a swim team must wait for his or her teammate to reach the wall before it’s their turn to swim. Children also practice being patient when they’re helping new teammates learn how to play or obtain a new skill.

Teaching Cooperation

Arete youth sports gymnastics team in Utah


While there are things that children learn when they compete one-on-one, participating on a team teaches cooperation. When kids are on a team, they must work with the other players to win. They must also work with and listen to their coach.

Supporting Exercise

Arete youth sports gymnastics team in Utah

Kids who take part in youth sports exercise, and they may exercise a lot. When children are active, they’re more likely to be healthier throughout their childhood. This is something that could even stay with them throughout their lives, inspiring them to be healthier adults.

Youth Sports Will Help Your Child Grow

Arete youth sports gymnastics team in Utah

Youth sports encourages physical and mental growth. It does this by helping your child learn problem solving skills, how to be patient and ways to cooperate with others. Those who develop these personality traits are often more successful throughout their lives.