Dance team photographs are important memories, ones that the dancers and their parents are sure to treasure. Because these pictures are so precious, booking the right photographer is essential. To help you make the choice, ask these questions before you book a dance team photographer.Questions to ask before you book a dance team photographer

Questions to Ask Before You Book a Dance Team Photographer

Do You Have Experience Shooting Moving Targets?

Dance team photographers must have experience shooting moving targets. Getting a good shot of a dancer when he or she is reaching the peak of a move is something that requires perfect timing. It also requires patience since they may have to shoot the same dance pose repeatedly.

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How Much Will the Shoot Cost?

Before you start the search for a dance team photographer, determine how much you have to spend. This will help you avoid falling in love with a photographer who charges more than you have in your budget. Be sure to discuss picture costs with parents before setting a budget or searching for a photographer. Find out what the parents’ expectations are. You can do this by taking a verbal survey or sending one through email. Do they want pictures of their dancers in different outfits, action shots or photos of the entire class? Once you’ve set your budget, you can start looking for photographers.

Can I see Samples of Your Work?

Before making your choice, interview several different photographers. Ask them to bring samples of dance photos. You should also check references. Even if a photographer has shot dance team photos, he or she may not work well with children. Calling previous clients will give you a good idea as to how a photographer will interact with your dance teams and their teachers.

What Kind of Equipment Do You Have?

Go over the kind of equipment that your photographer has available and what items you may need to bring to the shoot. If you want staged pictures, then lighting, props and backdrops are required. Be sure to review the backdrops that each photographer has in his or her stash of equipment. If you want the dance team photographer to take photos of your team’s dance recital, make sure that he or she has the right lenses.

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Creating Memories

Dance team pictures not only provide your students and their parents with lifelong memories, but they also give you a way to show off the skills of your dancers. Choosing the right dance team photographer is an important decision, one that requires a bit of deliberation and research. We would love to show you why Purple Moss Teams is a great choice for you and your dance studio! Contact Carrie today!