If you’re struggling to achieve your athletic goals, then it may be time to put together a vision board. This type of goal technique has its critics, but research shows that they work. Visualizing something that we want is a powerful tool, one that not enough people take advantage of. So, how do you go about creating a vision board? Here are a few tips to get you started.

Creating a vision board for athletes

Creating a Vision Board

Hire a Professional Photographer for the Photos

Putting together a dedicated area that displays your athletic goals can inspire you to make it happen. Your brain handles different forms of stimulation differently. This means that seeing something makes your brain work differently than when it hears something. When you’re creating a vision board, you’re making a visual message for your brain. You’ll want this message to be as clear as possible, and a professional photographer will make this happen. Talk to your photographer about the goals that you want to visualize and he or she will have ideas as to the best ways to photograph them.

Creating a vision board to reach athletic goals

Deciding Where to Start

Deciding what to visualize will ultimately require some soul searching, but you may want to start by narrowing down your intention. Do you want your board to outline the steps needed to reach one particular, especially challenging, athletic goal? Or, are you creating a vision board so that you can see the big picture. For instance, do you feel as though you’re in a standstill and need to see where you want to go?

Create a vision board to help realize goals

Things to Include

Along with professional photographs of the things that inspire you, include words, phrases and quotes that will help you visualize what you want to accomplish. After creating your board, you’ll have a visual image of what you want and why you want it. Seeing photographs of what you need to do to reach your athletic goals can be helpful. It can help you push yourself harder in training or try something that you may be fearful about.

Vision boards for gymnasts

Creating a Vision Board Leads to Success

Creating a vision board can help you realize your athletic goals. Keep in mind that your board is a work in progress. Be sure to change it as new goals arise. This means removing images and words or simply adding new ones. A professional photographer will work with you to make sure that you get the images you need for the perfect board, one that will help you clarify your athletic goals and see them materialize.