Named after one of the hardest moves in gymnastics, a Kip Journal is a good way to maintain in your head what it is that your heart wants, which is helpful for any kind of athlete. Writing your goals, intentions and a plan of action is more impactful than you may realize. A Kip Journal is especially helpful because it includes specific questions that guide gymnasts toward thinking about their sport in a constructive and self-empowering way.

Kip Journal

Keeping a Kip Journal | Purple Moss Teams

A Change of Perspective

Gymnastics is a sport with many complicated challenges. Some of these challenges may seem impossible to accomplish. Writing in your Kip Journal could result in a change of perspective. A major benefit of journaling is that messy thoughts often come together to show you how to accomplish a particular trick or what’s happening in your body or practice that’s causing you to fail. Asking the right questions may direct you toward the best solutions.

Questions are Included

The Kip Journal is so much more than a place to write down your thoughts, feelings and goals. It’s also a place to work through the emotions that you may be feeling about gymnastics. It will ask you what tricks and skills are the most challenging for you, why you should eat healthy and why conditioning the body is so important.

Tracking Pages

When you start using a Kip Journal, you’ll have a place to record your competition scores and latest trick achievements. It also comes with inspirational quotes and a spot in the back where you can add pictures from the year’s competitions.

Different Colors for Different Gymnasts

Because your color preferences can be a reflection on your personality, the makers of the Kip Journal offer it in different colors. These include:

  •        Blue and green
  •        Green
  •        Pink
  •        Red
  •        Teal

Get one color for this year and a different color for next year. The Kip Journal also features ring binding to make it easy to flip through the pages to find the section that you want to write in. There are areas in the journal that help you focus on your goals and what you want to achieve in the sport.

Blank Space to Let Your Brain Breathe

The Kip Journal also comes with blank space that you can use to work out everything and anything. You may be surprised as to how easy it is to work through little hang-ups and major issues when you take the time to write it out. Order yours today at!

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